The SeekIt™ System

The right health data, in the right hands, at the right time.


The process of communicating diagnostic results to a patient, physician, scientist, or others.​

The Importance of communication

Health data empowers us to care for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Existing molecular diagnostic platforms have not adequately integrated communication capabilities. We set out to create a secure digital platform that provides easy-to-understand results and stores information to track health trends over time. 

Bridging the health data gap for

The SeekIt™ Mobile App

Results at your speed

The SeekIt™ Mobile App delivers fast results when you need them. And our app stores all existing health data for easy access whenever you need it.

Receive test results directly

Track test results over time

Share health data with physician

Clear & quick results

Results are securely stored in the app

The SeekIt™ Research App

A platform designed for scientists everywhere

The SeekIt™ Research App can be integrated for easy experiment tracking.

Upload experiments directly into the Lab Portal App

Open and integrative

Track experiments and data over time

Share results

Results anytime, anywhere, anyplace, by anyone.

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