Moving molecular diagnostics to the
point of care


As many as 80,000 people die annually from preventable diagnostic errors in the United States

Existing molecular diagnostic testing is infrastructure intensive. Laboratories require reliable power, equipment, trained personnel, and time.

Existing point-of-care diagnostic tools fall short.

Diagnostics are Healthcare

We have to do better; patients need faster and more accessible answers.​

The first step in infectious disease treatment is identifying the actual disease. Patients need accurate and easy-to-understand answers to their medical questions. We know firsthand how important it is for patients to have the ability to receive a diagnosis.

70% of today's medical decisions depend on laboratory test results.

We need diagnostic testing anytime, anywhere, anyplace, and for anyone.

Patients with limited access to laboratory and diagnostic tests cannot make adequate decisions about their care. Our laboratory-quality molecular diagnostic testing platform revolutionizes point-of-care testing.

In order to create a new generation of diagnostic tools, we broke apart diagnostics and examined each unique part...

Step 1
Sample Acquisition

The process of procuring a specimen for examination or testing.

Step 2

The process of purifying genetic material (DNA/RNA) from a biological sample by using physical and/or chemical methods to separate DNA/RNA from cell membranes, proteins, and other unwanted materials.

Step 3

The process of isolating unique and specific genetic material from a sample and copying it multiple times to make it easier to find in a diagnostic test.

Step 4

The process of identifying a result from a diagnostic test.

Step 5

The process of communicating diagnostic results to a patient, physician, scientist, or others.​

...and then we put diagnostics back together to create SeekIt™

Generation SEEKIt™

SeekIt™: a new generation of molecular diagnostic testing 7 years in the making

We innovated a creative solution to bring an equipment-free, laboratory-quality tool directly to the patient.

Our diagnostic innovations are driven by the World Health Organization's ASSURED criteria for point-of-care systems.

We're innovating solutions to meet all of the World Health Organization's ASSURED criteria for point-of-care systems.

Affordable + -

The point-of-care diagnostic device is low cost for end users.

sensitive + -

The point-of-care diagnostic device avoids false negatives.

specific + -

The point-of-care diagnostic device avoids false positives.

user-friendly + -

The point-of-care diagnostic device has a simple interface that requires no training.

rapid & Robust + -

The point-of-care diagnostic device quickly collects and runs a sample and maintains a long shelf life.

equipment free + -

The point-of-care diagnostic device avoids bulky, sophisticated instruments.

Deliverable + -

The point-of-care diagnostic device is easily accessible to end users and provides real-time results.


We go farther and faster together

Seek Labs is uniting with industry leaders to transform healthcare innovations. 

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