SeekIt™ moves molecular diagnostics out of the laboratory and directly to the patient

We developed the SeekIt Platform to revolutionize molecular diagnostic testing for patients and their families

72% of consumers have expressed concerns about healthcare expenses

25% of consumers visited an emergency department for healthcare because of a lack of access to services

25% of consumers say they are willing to receive care at a retail clinic

70% of consumers prefer digital healthcare solutions

Statistics from McKinsey & Company, 2018

See how SeekIt™ can impact the point of care

The WHO estimates a shortage of 10 million healthcare workers globally by 2030

Healthcare providers need robust and accessible diagnostic technologies to improve time to treatment for patients

Rapid, accurate, and actionable diagnostic results yield faster treatment and more efficient health systems

The SeekIt Platform empowers providers with faster, highly-accurate diagnostic results and data

Telehealth utilization in the U.S. increased from 11% in 2019 to around 40% in 2023

A 2022 study revealed the time between test referral and specimen collection was 3 days for telehealth versus 1 day for in-person visits

SeekIt eliminates the bottlenecks between diagnostics and telemedicine

  • Reduce time between visit and testing.
  • Increase utilization of telemedicine.
  • Patients and providers can see results in real time.

90% of Americans live within 5 miles of a pharmacy

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Patients visit pharmacies almost 2x more often than prescriber offices

Increased awareness and information about healthcare tools are moving patients to favor their local pharmacy.

SeekIt revolutionizes patient access to diagnostics in local pharmacies

With SeekIt, patients can access the diagnostics they need when they need them

Nearly half of the world’s population live in rural areas

An estimated 2 billion people living in rural areas do not have sufficient access to essential health services, including diagnostics

4% of rural hospitals closed from 2013-2022, leaving affected residents to travel 20 miles farther for common services like diagnostic testing.

SeekIt empowers rural patients with direct access to laboratory-quality, affordable, and efficient molecular diagnostics

We go farther and faster together

Seek Labs is uniting with industry leaders to transform healthcare innovations. 

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