SeekIt™ is powered by two key proprietary diagnostic innovations: DNA/RNA extraction and amplification

Reimagining DNA/RNA extraction & amplification to power a new generation of diagnostics
DNA/RNA Extraction

Extraction: The process of purifying genetic material (DNA/RNA) from a biological sample by using physical and/or chemical methods to separate DNA/RNA from cell membranes, proteins, and other unwanted materials.

DNA/RNA Amplification

Amplification: The process of isolating unique and specific genetic material from a sample and copying it multiple times to make it easier to find in a diagnostic test.

DNA/RNA extraction outside the laboratory

Our DNA/RNA extraction technology utilizes a proprietary filtration method that extracts and isolates pure nucleic acid outside the laboratory.

the difference

Our reimagined DNA/RNA extraction outperforms competitors

Our proprietary DNA/RNA extraction yields more nucleic acid than leading gold-standard silica methods as well as other point-of-care extraction methods.

DNA Concentration (ng/µL)

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Our proprietary DNA/RNA extraction is significantly faster than silica-based and other existing point-of-care processes.

Extraction Time (minutes)

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Our proprietary DNA/RNA extraction produces high-quality nucleic acid that matches existing silica-based methods and performs better than existing point-of-care sample extraction units.

DNA Quality (260/280)

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DNA/RNA amplification
at room temperature

Our proprietary isothermal DNA/RNA amplification technology enables sensitive and specific amplification at room temperature.

The Difference

Our innovative DNA/RNA amplification technology empowers more efficient clinical, laboratory, and field assays

Unlike traditional isothermal amplification methods, our amplification technology does not require any outside heating source, making amplification possible outside of a laboratory. 

Empowering diagnostic testing at the point of care -

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