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We make big leaps by cultivating curiosity and driving innovation.

Our Values

Driven by a Higher Purpose

Global Health is our
Barometer for Success

From the beginning, we have committed to positively impacting global health. Our founders passionately fought for diagnostic and pharmaceutical innovation even when facing challenges and failure. At Seek Labs, anything short of progress in global health is not enough.

Today, after years of failed experiments, uncharted ideas, and revolutionary scientific breakthroughs, we are advancing solutions for molecular diagnostic testing and pharmaceuticals.


We are innovating a new frontier in pharmaceutical tools that attack and destroy viruses and pathogens without modifying the host. 


We are innovating a new generation of point-of-care molecular diagnostic tools that empower people everywhere to get answers about their health.

seekers in service

The soul of our company is grounded in the community where we reside

Each year, we encourage our Seekers to get involved in our community. Our Seekers have organized service projects, spent time in local schools, and served vulnerable populations in our community.

40 hrs

To support our team’s commitment to our community, we allot 40 additional PTO hours to each of our team members every year to volunteer with the charity of their choice. Since the program’s inception in March 2022, our Seekers have logged hundreds of volunteer hours in our community.

We believe it’s not enough that we make an impact someday; we believe in giving back and helping our community today and every day. 


Visionaries who take risks to discover dynamic solutions in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

Our Seekers tackle complex challenges from multiple angles, leading to innovative healthcare technologies. We develop effective solutions that address the needs of people everywhere.

Proud Members of the BioHive

BioHive: Utah's collective representing the life science and healthcare innovation ecosystem.

Seek Labs is excited to partner with BioHive to support all the ways our work can positively impact the lives of our community, our teams, and patients.


We go farther and faster together

Seek Labs is uniting with industry leaders to transform healthcare innovations. 

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