Drive forward innovation in molecular diagnostic testing and pharmaceuticals with us

Seek Labs proudly joins forces with industry-leading organizations that share our unwavering commitment to scientific advancement.

Together, we harness expertise and resources to push the boundaries of scientific discovery, making a lasting impact on society.

Diagnostics Partners

We work with our partners to develop point-of-care molecular diagnostic tests that are accessible for all.

  • DNA-based molecular diagnostic tests
  • RNA-based molecular diagnostic tests

Pharmaceuticals Partners

Impacting global healthcare means putting patients and health first. Our pharmaceutical partners leverage our novel solutions to advance targeted and effective pharmaceutical solutions that will create lasting change.

  • African Swine Fever Virus Research
  • White Spot Syndrome Virus Research
  • CRISPR Pharmaceutical Development
  • Novel CAS Enzyme Research
How our partners are helping us usher in a new frontier of pharmaceutical solutions

Community Partners

The soul of our company is grounded in the community where we reside. We know that partnering with community organizations and leaders ensures we are not only positively impacting global healthcare but also improving the wellbeing and success our our local community.

  • STEM Education and Support
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences Advocacy
  • Adopt-a-School Programs
  • Government Relations

Impact global health with us

We are actively seeking partners who possess a shared vision for healthcare innovation and a passion for impacting global health. We welcome organizations who share our vision of growth and exploration to join us and change healthcare. 

Please, contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities with Seek Labs.

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