Diseases disrupt our lives; we want to change that.

10.2 million

people die every year
from communicable diseases

One of the greatest issues we face in global health is the increasing spread of diseases, antibiotic resistance, and food insecurity. Humanity needs a better way to treat diseases that enables people to be well and live life to the fullest.

We are developing novel genetically engineered constructs that target the cellular replication of diseases.


Our constructs can target viral DNA and mutated cells.


Our constructs simultaneously modify multiple genes responsible for viral replication.

Novel Approaches

We are developing multiple methods to both limit viral growth and destroy the virus itself.

We are addressing some of the world’s most challenging diseases

Method 1

Attack and destroy specific genes

Target a specific genome without altering or modifying the nuclear DNA


Disrupt the DNA at conserved and essential gene regions involved in replication


Disable the targeted DNA’s ability to replicate


Method 2

Attack and destroy specific cells

Selectively target and destroy the genome, which in turn destroys the cell


Mimic the immune response 

Diseases disrupt our lives. We’re innovating technologies to reinvent the treatment of diseases.

Uniting with industry leaders to transform healthcare innovations.

We go farther and faster together

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