The SeekIt™ System

A New Testing Platform for a New Generation of Health

We created the SeekIt™ Diagnostic platform, which integrates all the capabilities of industry-leading laboratory testing into one, user-friendly platform. Perform gold-standard molecular diagnostic tests anytime, anywhere, anyplace, and by anyone.

the SeekIt™ platform

We broke apart diagnostics - and then put them back together to create SeekIt™

We merged our diagnostic technologies in extraction, amplification, and communication into one user-friendly and portable platform. 

Empowering diagnostic testing for

Results for Parents

Parents can perform tests at home and get immediate answers about their child’s health.

Results for Physicians

Physicians can perform testing on-site and give their patients answers in real time.

Results for Remote Patients

Patients living in rural areas can gain answers about their health questions wherever they are.

SeekIt™ meets all of the World Health Organization’s ASSURED criteria for point-of-care systems.


The point-of-care diagnostic device is low cost for end users.


The point-of-care diagnostic device avoids false negatives.


The point-of-care diagnostic device avoids false positives.

User Friendly

The point-of-care diagnostic device has a simple interface that requires no training.

Rapid & Robust

The point-of-care diagnostic device quickly collects and runs a sample and maintains a long shelf life.

Equipment Free

The point-of-care diagnostic device avoids bulky, sophisticated instruments.


The point-of-care diagnostic device is easily accessible to end users and provides real-time results.

The power of SeekIt™ is the power of change

Answers are everything; SeekIt™ provides answers anytime, anywhere, anyplace, and for anyone.

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