The SeekIt™ System

Reimagining Amplification for a New Generation of Diagnostics


The process of isolating unique and specific genetic material from a sample and copying it multiple times to make it easier to find in a diagnostic test.

The Problem

Existing amplification methods require infrastructure-intensive environments

Dependable amplification is necessary for accurate detection at the earliest possible point in an infection cycle. Early detection can mean the difference between life and death. 

The current gold standard, PCR, requires lab equipment, sterile environments, technicians, power, and more. Accurate disease identification using conventional laboratory procedures may take anywhere between 1 and 6 days.

Our fast and accurate Solution

SeekIt™ Amplification is sensitive and specific at the point of care

We have reimagined amplification that eliminates temperature controls and laboratory equipment. We innovated a new generation of point-of-care amplification for answers anywhere, anytime, and for anyone.​

room temperature

SeekIt™ Amplification can be performed at a range of temperatures


SeekIt™ Amplification can be performed in 20 minutes or less


SeekIt™ Amplification can be combined with a variety of detection methods

Reimagined DNA amplification for

The Difference

How SeekIt™ Amplification compares to other Isothermal Amplification methods

Unlike traditional isothermal amplification methods, SeekIt™ Amplification does not require any outside heating source, making amplification possible outside of a laboratory. 

Equipment-free amplification anytime, anywhere, anyplace, by anyone.

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