Seek Labs Unveils SeekIt™

Seek Labs’ integrated molecular diagnostic platform brings true point-of-care testing to the patient.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, November 09, 2023 (Business Wire) – Seek Labs, a healthcare innovations company developing next-generation molecular diagnostic systems and pharmaceuticals, today publicly announced SeekIt™, a groundbreaking molecular diagnostic testing platform. SeekIt is a complete point-of-care (POC) diagnostic testing platform in a portable, single-use device that brings laboratory-quality testing technology out of a clinic or laboratory and into the hands of patients.

A Platform 7 Years in the Making

In 2016, Seek Labs set out to create a laboratory-quality POC diagnostic device that empowered patients who needed otherwise inaccessible information about their health. Seek Labs recognized existing diagnostic devices did not meet patients’ needs with respect to cost, time to results, and equipment. Following early research efforts, Seek Labs determined the entire diagnostic testing process had to be broken apart to deliver a true POC device that served patients’ needs and communicated clear information. Through this exercise, Seek Labs identified and began innovating in five distinct areas that comprise the laboratory diagnostic process, all with the purpose of innovating each component for use at the point of care.

Diagnostic methods typically begin with a user collecting a biological sample, such as saliva, which is commonly referred to as sample acquisition. After identifying this component, Seek Labs recognized existing sample acquisition technologies could be integrated into a more efficient POC platform. Following the sample acquisition step, the biological sample undergoes a process to extract and isolate DNA/RNA material necessary for testing. After identifying this component, Seek Labs worked to develop radical advancements for extracting and isolating the DNA material necessary for testing. Seek Labs also reinvented this process for preparing and amplifying DNA for testing. Finally, Seek Labs overcame challenges with the process for detecting a particular disease or pathogen and reporting the diagnostic results back to the user.

Complete Molecular Diagnostic Testing Platform

Seek Labs developed and optimized new technologies in four of the five diagnostic components, which ultimately led to the filing of 15 new patent applications. Each of the newly-developed technologies were then integrated into a seamless unit, SeekIt. “Early on, we realized we had to innovate each diagnostic component by itself before we could create a true point-of-care solution,” said Dr. Anindita Roy, PhD, Director of Research. “SeekIt has the functionality of a laboratory test that can now be conducted outside of a traditional laboratory and without specialized equipment, technical training, or complicated processes.”

Groundbreaking Capabilities

SeekIt has been developed for multiple sample types including whole human blood, saliva, swab, and human/animal tissue. SeekIt is both a DNA and RNA molecular diagnostic platform. Over 1,500 DNA and RNA diagnostic tests, ranging from common forms of Influenza to unique genetic markers, can be developed for the SeekIt platform.

SeekIt offers a simple, user-friendly design that generates a test result in 20 minutes or less at room temperature. Seek Labs recognized global differences in healthcare access, affordability, equipment, training, and sterile environments; SeekIt was designed as an affordable, single-use platform to serve patients around the world. The standalone device does not require additional equipment, training, or a temperature-controlled environment.  

Diagnostic Technology Designed for Impact

Seek Labs formally announced SeekIt at their Impact Day event on November 2, 2023, which brought together stakeholders to learn about Seek Labs’s groundbreaking innovations in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals and how they impact global health. “We are incredibly proud to formally announce SeekIt, which is 7 years in the making,” said Jared Bauer, CEO. “We innovated SeekIt to broaden POC testing and treatment for more patients around the globe. SeekIt unlocks a new generation of molecular diagnostic testing for a new generation of healthcare.”

SeekIt is a groundbreaking innovation that can benefit billions of patients that currently cannot access the diagnostic testing they require. The launch of SeekIt demonstrates Seek Labs’ commitment to innovation and technologies that improve healthcare outcomes globally. SeekIt has the potential to revolutionize POC molecular diagnostic testing and redefine the way patients get answers about their health.

Aimee Edwards, Executive Director of BioHive, said, “Utah has become one of the fastest growing life sciences ecosystems in the country. This is due to companies who are willing to innovate cutting-edge technologies that benefit patients. Seek Labs ranks among the top of these innovative companies.”

About Seek Labs

Seek Labs is a company united by a vision to advance scientific discovery and universal solutions. Seek Labs strives to innovate healthcare solutions that bridge gaps between patients, providers, and treatments. Seek Labs is united by the passion of our founders and their shared beliefs that healthcare solutions should empower individuals and serve their specific needs. Today—after years of experimentation, failure, and breakthrough— Seek Labs is developing next generation molecular diagnostics and pharmaceutical technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the detection and treatment of diseases.


Seek Labs is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Seek Labs is a proud member of the BioHive, a collective representing the life science and healthcare innovation ecosystem in Utah. BioHive is dedicated to all the ways our work can positively impact the lives of our community, our teams, and patients.


Bridget Baldwin, Director of Communications

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