Seek Labs Advisor, Ryan Jackson, PhD, and Research Scientist, Dylan Keiser, M.S., published in Prestigious Scientific Journal, Nature

January 4, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, January 4, 2023 — Seek Labs, a healthcare innovations company doing research in infectious disease diagnostic systems and pharmaceuticals, is proud to announce an esteemed advisor, Ryan Jackson PhD, and employee, Dylan Keiser, M.S., have been published in Nature, a renowned scientific publication.

The groundbreaking research paper, titled “Cas12a2 elicits abortive infection through RNA-triggered destruction of dsDNA,” was authored by–among others–Jackson and Keiser. The paper highlights Jackson and Keiser’s significant contributions to the field of biochemistry and CRISPR research.


Nature is widely recognized for its stringent peer-review process and commitment to publishing highest-quality research. Having a paper accepted in this esteemed journal is a testament to the caliber of research conducted by Jackson and Keiser, as well as their dedication to advancing the field of biochemistry and CRISPR research.

Keiser, a talented member of Seek Labs’s Pharmaceuticals team, has demonstrated exceptional scientific prowess and dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in his field. His contribution not only reflects Seek Labs’s commitment to fostering talent but also highlights the company’s dedication to making significant contributions to the scientific community.

Jackson, who serves as an advisor to Seek Labs, is a distinguished biochemist with a remarkable track record of research achievements. His valuable expertise has helped inform Seek Labs’s research initiatives and ensure Seek Labs remains at the forefront of technological advancements in CRISPR.

Seek Labs wants to share their congratulations to both Keiser and Jackson and is excited to continue supporting them in their pursuit of cutting-edge research that leads to innovative solutions in global healthcare.


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Seek Labs is a company united by a vision to advance scientific discovery and universal solutions. Seek Labs strives to innovate healthcare solutions that bridge gaps between patients, providers, and remedies. Seek Labs is united by the passion of our founders and their shared beliefs that healthcare solutions should empower individuals and serve their specific needs. Today—after years of experimentation, failure, and breakthrough—Seek Labs is pursuing impactful diagnostic and pharmaceutical technologies that revolutionize point of care.

Seek Labs is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Seek Labs is a member of the BioHive, the Utah life sciences industry collective.


Bridget Baldwin

Director of Communications

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