Utah State University President, Noelle Cockett, Visits Seek Labs

April 27, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, April 27, 2023 – Seek Labs, a healthcare innovations company doing research in infectious disease diagnostic systems and CRISPR-based pharmaceuticals, welcomed Utah State University (USU) President, Noelle Cockett, at the company’s office on Thursday, April 27. Seek Labs has an ongoing partnership with Utah State University and works closely with President Cockett to advance scientific research at Seek Labs and Utah State. During the visit, President Cockett had an opportunity to tour company facilities and labs and meet with management and employees.

“I am proud to have visited one of Utah State’s local partners and witness first-hand the incredible strides Seek Labs is making to advance scientific innovation in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals,” said President Cockett. “I had the privilege to speak to Seek Labs’ employees about our shared commitment to scientific discovery and advancing positive health outcomes. As fellow members of the Utah BioHive, I am looking forward to working closely with Seek Labs to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration and bring recognition to Utah’s science and technology industry. I am also proud of Seek Labs’ collaboration with USU professor, Ryan Jackson, and that Seek Lab employs nine Aggie graduates!”

Noelle Cockett was appointed as Utah State University’s 16th president in October 2016 and began her official tenure in January 2017. Under President Cockett’s leadership, Utah State University earned the prestigious Carnegie R1 Classification–the highest level of research institutions in the country–which distinguishes USU as a national leader in academic excellence and research innovation.

“We want to congratulate President Cockett for her exceptional leadership,” said Jared Bauer, CEO of Seek Labs. “Seek Labs has greatly benefited from our ongoing partnership with USU. In addition to consulting with internationally recognized experts like Dr. Ryan Jackson, Seek Labs has partnered with USU to create an innovative internship program. Our internship program enables students to remain at USU and work in lab space designated for interns throughout their internship. We have loved the program so much that two of our former interns are now full-time employees. We hope other life sciences companies recognize the impact of these internship programs and follow our lead in supporting innovation at our local universities.”

About Seek Labs

Seek Labs is a company united by a vision to advance scientific discovery and universal solutions. Seek Labs strives to innovate healthcare solutions that bridge gaps between patients, providers, and remedies. Seek Labs is united by the passion of our founders and their shared beliefs that healthcare solutions should empower individuals and serve their specific needs. Today—after years of experimentation, failure, and breakthrough—Seek Labs is pursuing impactful diagnostic and pharmaceutical technologies that revolutionize point of care.

Seek Labs is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Seek Labs is a member of the BioHive, the Utah life sciences industry collective.


Bridget Baldwin

Director of Communications


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