Developing CRISPR-based pharmaceuticals to treat human diseases and improve global health

Diseases disrupt our lives. We’re innovating technologies to deliver superior treatments for diseases.

One of the greatest challenges we face in global health is the increasing speed and spread of diseases. We want to enable people to be well and live life to the fullest.

Diseases pose a serious risk to global public health with rapidly evolving and newly emerging strains; access to effective treatments is crucial to combat these diseases.

Our innovative platform shows promise for targeted, effective pharmaceuticals for human diseases

A streamlined approach

Our platform employs unique approaches to accelerate drug development and further prevent spread of diseases.

Combinatorial Strategy

We combine CRISPR systems to directly target the site of replication or cellular mechanisms.

Multiplex Approach

We multiplex highly-specific CRISPR guides to target conserved locations within pathogenic genomes.

Translational Biology

Our CRISPR platform limits disease progression, enabling the host organism to mount protective responses to better fight disease.

Diseases disrupt communities and strain healthcare systems; we want to change that.

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