Doug Gladue, VP of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Development, Presents at PROCINORTE Priority Animal Diseases 2024 Workshop

June 12, 2024

Today, Dr. Douglas Gladue, VP of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Development, presented at the PROCINORTE 2024 Priority Animal Diseases Virtual Workshop. Dr. Gladue spoke about Seek Labs’ development of CRISPR-based pharmaceuticals for human and animal diseases. Addressing a virtual assembly of animal health experts, Dr. Gladue’s presentation underscored Seek Labs’ commitment to innovation that improves health outcomes globally, which includes priority animal diseases. In order to positively impact global health, Seek Labs recognizes the need to viral threats to vital protein sources. Dr. Gladue outlined the company’s unique approach to drug development that utilizes CRISPR technology to disrupt disease-specific pathogens.

The PROCINORTE Priority Animal Diseases Workshop brings together experts from Canada, Mexico, and the USA to share knowledge, technology, and information on prioritized animal health diseases. These diseases include emerging and zoonotic Influenza viruses, African swine fever, and bovine tuberculosis. The workshop provides a platform for experts to identify knowledge gaps as well as efficient intervention strategies.

The Cooperative Program in Research and Technology for the Northern Region (PROCINORTE) is a trilateral network of federal agricultural bodies from Canada, Mexico, and the USA that was established in 1998. PROCINORTE promotes cooperation in research and technology for agricultural development throughout the Northern region of the Americas. To learn more about Procinorte, please visit their website here.

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